I will thank the LORD with all my heart; I will declare Your wonderful works. I will rejoice and boast about You, I will sing about your name Most High”
Psalm 9:1-2

I was reading these verses this morning, and I was challenged by them. How often in my prayer do I thank God? I mean I know I thank God, but it’s usually mixed in with requests and praise, not simply thanks. So in my prayer time today I prayed those verses and just started writing a prayer thanking God. Starting with the basics. Thank you for my family, my children their health and happiness etc. I found myself though, having to stop from adding the request to bless them, or to draw them nearer to Himself. Not that I don’t want them blessed, but I really felt like God was just asking me to thank Him.
Things are crazy at home. We have been working hard to put our house on the market. That terrifies me! I am trusting that we are acting in Gods timing and will. I don’t know where we are going if we sell. We are struggling financially, Randy is working, but at a temporary job that pays a lot less than we are used to. I am getting ready in a little more than three weeks to go halfway around the world to South Africa. My oldest is in his first year of homeschool and I have had to go back to work. There is a lot zipping through my head!! But today I am going to simply thank God and rejoice in who He is. I will sing about His Most High name. I will boast about Him. No requests, no supplication just thanks