I am working at Ethan’s elementary school this week. Usually the dropping barometer and snow mean crazy kids but yesterday the kids weren’t crazy at all. The teachers on the other hand!!!!! As it started sleeting and snowing the we began to see small groups of teachers discussing the weather conditions. We all knew the schools wouldn’t let out early, that never happens anymore. But the question was would it stay bad enough to warrant a snow day tomorrow?

Oh the memories! We laugh when we think about the days as kids when we got up on snowy dark days only to have mom or dad say”Snow day, no school” Did that mean we went back to bed? absolutely not. We had a whole day filled with the anticipation of the unknown. Nothing on the schedule. No place to be but on the couch in our pj’s as long as we wanted to be! As an adult though I think the anticipation of a snow day is even better. The thought of not having to drag out early to scrape and scramble; of spending an unexpected day home with no time taken from our pool of meager sick days. That is almost too much for our happy hearts to handle!! As the day progressed it was pretty obvious that the snow day wouldn’t occur, but that first bloom and spark of excitement, the “what if……” it was fun to relive those memories.

Until Emma crawled in my bed this morning wanting it to be a snow day, only to be disappointed. I told them last night it wouldn’t happen, but they didn’t believe me! I guess that will just make it that much more fun when it does happen!