Okay, here are a few of the “before” pictures. The space isn’t pretty, but it has potential! I haven’t put pictures in of the best part which is the back acreage. I will add pictures of that next time, but its not changing anytime soon. The house will keep us busy for the rest of the winter.

I will update in a couple of days with the work we are doing now.

Front living room. I am standing at the front door.

Kitchen. Basement. It’s a walkout. The door is there to the right. The wallpaper you see is a lovely stripe with a howling wolves border.
Master bedroom. Big enough for the bed, which is all we really need I guess!

Main floor bath. What the pictures don’t really show is the ick factor. Dirt and mildew. ICK!

Emma’s room

The boys room. This is actually 15 feet by 9. It just wasn’t a great place to take a picture.