Progress has slowed considerably these days. Randy is working hard to finish plans for my sister-in-law’s remodel. When those are done he will be back to finish ours! We have moved into the basement and the kids rooms upstairs. I’ve got a “kinda” kitchen set up in the basement because I don’t want to unpack boxes upstairs and load cabinets only to unload them a week later to pull the cabinets out!

Since I can’t stand to post pictures of the chaos that is our living space. I am adding some of the property. Again its got lots of potential. Our big outdoor project come spring will be the garden and hopefully fixing the pool, if its fixable. If not I’m going to have the biggest water feature in the neighborhood!

This is the view of the property from the deck. Our property line is in front of the trees you see along the back of the pictures.

This is what I see out the front door. Looking west over the field across the street. I’m hoping for no houses anytime soon. I LOVE the tree in the front yard. I can’t stop taking pictures of it:)

This is the picnic table on the deck. Not a property shot, but it shows how much snow we had! Randy had to take the glass out of the screen door so he could put the snow shovel out and clear a path just to open the door.

This is the sad pool. It hasn’t had a liner in three years we just hope it can be salvaged. It’s so close to the road though that we are going to have to invest in a privacy fence before I will even think about swimming!

And this is the shed. You cant see the fantastic, blacktopped second drive and parking area under all the snow. Just made for parking when all our friends come over.