Okay so I am a couple days late re posting the cleaner, box less, basement but it really was done on Sunday! I CAN’T believe that we found a place for everything in the house. (If you hadn’t guessed the new house is quite a bit smaller than the old one) Though I guess we really didn’t honestly find a place for everything. I packed 4 or 5 very large boxes of clothes and shoes for Goodwill. You can actually see the floor in our bedroom. I have seriously risked my life getting out of bed in the middle of the night to find the bathroom!
Randy is supposed to start the kitchen this week which be fantastic as only the necessities are unpacked. The pots and pans we must have and 6 plates with assorted plastic cups from restaurants round out our gourmet eating utensils.

On a different note, the sun came out for a short while this morning Yippee!! Probably to celebrate Emma’s 15th birthday which is today. I know, let the cliche’s start, but I can’t believe she is 15!She is a beautiful, funny fantastic girl, and I am blessed to be her mom.