So just to prove that God does have a sense of humor, the girl who said “I will never” just had it come back and bite her in the bee-hind AGAIN!” Let me re-cap the last few months for you in case you have forgotten. Recession kicks in, work is very bad for architecture, especially if you are self employed. We find ourselves in a situation we never thought we would be in, dependant on people who love us and the grace of God to survive. I go back to work. We sell our house (which really wasn’t that hurtful, I didn’t transition well to a subdivision). We go through insanity trying to close on the house we bought. And Randy gets a job offer OUT OF TOWN!!! so guess who is moving again? Yep that would be me. Well me and my whole family.
Understand that is said realizing the HOLY and AMAZING GRACE of MY LORD and SAVIOR. I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has held us in his mighty hands the entire time we have struggled. It is only by an act of God that Randy ever got an interview let alone a job offer. We are so grateful to be blessed in this way.
I guess putting Feet to my Faith takes on a whole new meaning. God is so good!