I just have to say its nice to slow down. By slow down I mean not be scrambling to pack or unpack something which seems to have been the story of my life for the past year! While things aren’t perfect at the new Bartel homestead, the beauty of it all is that they don’t have to be! I did get most things put away and the house set up as we would like. I don’t have pictures on the wall or things painted. To be completely honest I really don’t even care at this moment 🙂 I’ve even read for FUN this week!

Of course nothing really ever completely slows down. The kids are getting ready to enroll in schools and I do have a list of things I need to do. I can’t avoid everything……………….

I’m putting up some pictures here of the new place just for fun. Of course before we even officially bought the house Randy had the master plan finished. Additions, barn, even swimming pool (think 20 year plans). He is awesome!
This is the backyard. The small triangle raised bed is strawberries. We got here too late to eat them this year. Next year:)
This is the back of the house. The garage is semi-detached. There is a breezeway between it and the house that the dogs have commandeered for the time being. I’m not sure where they will end up permanently. But this works for now. There is a game room over the garage. It has a window air conditioner that has done its very best to keep up with the heat of this last week or so.
This is where my super fantastic garden is going to go. I have a master plan for that too so you can see how much alike my husband and I happen to be:) I’m going to try to get it fenced this fall  and raised beds put in so it will be ready to go next spring.
This is one of my favorite spots. It is nice and quiet out here most mornings, and not too hot if you go out early enough. When the garden goes in it will be to the top right of this picture. Then my view will be even better!
God has been so good to us. I feel blessed everyday to see things going back to some sense of “normal” whatever that is! I know I’ve learned a lot this year. I’m pretty sure the whole family has. I remember late last year comparing the stress of what we have been going through to a dark tunnel. With only enough light to see your own feet on the path and only enough strength to think about taking one step at a time. It does make me think about Psalms 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” God has been there every step of this walk. I know it has given new meaning to “Feet to my Faith” . There are lessons yet to be learned from this, it’s just going to take some more processing. I’m sure there will be many conversations between us about them yet!