That time went quick! Life seems to be speeding up lately, its already October and fall is finally here 🙂 There is a frost warning for the area tonight which will hopefully bring an end to the allergy season. My mums are blooming along the front porch; I actually wore a sweatshirt most of the day; and the kids are busy. Fall is in high gear!
On the home front, Em is participating in the musical at school. They are doing Willy Wonka and after watching practice for a few minutes Thursday night I know it is going to be really good. E isn’t playing football for the first fall since Kindergarten and while it was a rough go for Randy in the beginning we have really enjoyed the extra time with no practice and no weekend games. I am working what started to be a part time job in real estate and is now somewhere between 20 and 30 hours a week. Life just keeps rolling along.
On the house front I have tackled and mostly completed the downstairs bathroom/laundry. It was a simple fix up though, just painting and replacing the mirror and light fixtures. I hung some artwork, bought a cabinet and set out the fancy soaps(HA! like I own fancy soap) My heart just really isn’t in it right now. I’m so wishy washy about making decisions. It took three practice colors just to get the one I wanted for the bathroom. Normally I’m better at just finding what I want and diving in. You notice there are no interior pictures? That’s because I haven’t made myself just do it! I promise that will happen this week. The picture taking anyway. At this rate I might get them posted by Christmas:)
We have narrowed down our Internet options. At this point I am hoping to be up and running by Christmas!