So the last child turned 13 on the 13th of October. We celebrated with a surprise party in KC this last weekend. (I think everyone deserves a surprise party at one point or another in their life) It was fun and E was surprised. He didn’t figure it out right until we pulled the car into the parking stall at the park. HA!  Grandma, Caleb and Emma made it happen by showing up at the park early and setting things up. Considering how unorganized I am I’m surprised we pulled it off. Actually he had been to a friend’s birthday party the night before and that friend’s mom mentioned it without thinking. I’m sure my face would have been picture perfect when she said something about meeting at De Soto park for Ethan’s birthday the next afternoon. I fell all over myself stammering and trying to figure out what to say. She recovered nicely and Ethan didn’t even pay any attention. I however, was speechless. Too funny.
I can’t believe how fast this whole childhood thing went. Surely I’m not old enough to have one teenager let alone three, but I guess time rolls on!