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As soon as I catch up, I fall behind. No, really. I spend my life like that. I’ve wondered if it’s just me. If it isn’t you can respond and make me feel better about myself, or if you are inclined to see me run in circles, as you have the last several years of my life. Then by all means just carry on with your life.


This really is a week in which I feel like I’m losing it. I’m not trying to elicit sympathy or be self absorbed. Honestly I know the 6 people that read this probably realize that I am a lost cause and are simply shaking their heads right now. But I am really trying. I have a calendar and everything. And I write on it. In pencil. Because nothing seems to stay scheduled. Ever.


I know, you’re thinking right now “what on earth does she have to do?” She has no house (living with my SIL) She has no job (sporadic substituting doesn’t really count unless it impacts your wallet) Two of her three children are out of the house and living elsewhere. (They don’t even call that often!) And I’m thinking right back at you I HAVE NO IDEA!!


Lest you think I am a complete lay about whining about nothing, I am working on my masters degree…..for a career I’m not even in anymore…….sigh……


I give up.