Can you tell I’ve started a new project? Blogging, who would of thought it. My friend Candice got me started thinking about it several months ago. I love to read her blog, just the snipet I see of her day, how the kids are doing and all that. But then I spent last weekend in Lincoln Nebraska with other like minded women discussing an evangelism emphasis for our denomination. Now I’ve got jobs to do, conference descriptions to write, pictures to take, busy busy busy! I have to admit it helps to have a focus. The whole thought of the lazy days of summer is fun. Just me and the kids, swimming, exploring, hanging out. But reality is when that is all that’s on my agenda we are lucky to accomplish anything. Most of the time we get up late, lay around discussing what to do ,and before we know it the day is gone. Or at least its time to get ready for baseball and or softball. When I have a project I schedule my time. I know I have to accomplish something big and I have a limited amount of time to do it.
Getting started might be hard. There is so much to do I’m not quite sure where to begin. I’m not even sure how to break it down to manageable bites. It just takes jumping in with both feet and flailing for a minute or two. Then it all settles around me and I can see the big picture. That’s where I am today. Needing to jump in with both feet and flail! I’m just procrastinating the big jump.