Funny, Obviously I’ve “been away” for a while. I got so worried about what to say I didn’t say anything and I think that’s the anti blog thought. So new leaf same concept.

I’ve got a new place to point my feet toward. I am heading to South Africa in a few weeks. I’m going with a group on a mission trip to the city of Johannesburg. Yikes! Big step for my little feet, or my little faith whichever fits. I’ve still got money to raise and things to do to get ready. It really doesn’t seem possible that I’m going. It feels like its someone else I’m talking about! But it’s an adventure in faith for me.
To add a little excitement to those preparations we have decided to put our house on the market. I think that idea is actually worthy of a whole lot of comments on it’s own. Bad time to do it market wise, time of year is bad, but when God says do, we do. So today I am busy painting, cleaning and re-arranging, hoping I get called in to work to escape all I have to do and leave it in my dear and darling husbands lap, and hoping I don’t get called in to work in order to actually try to bring order to our chaos!
Anybody want a house?