Anyone have a burning desire to go back to seventh grade? For me not so much! That wasn’t exactly my favorite time of life. But this week I’m back in middle school, kinda sorta. (I took a substitute position, for four days at Em’s school, her choir teacher had a baby unexpectedly on Monday and her long term sub wasn’t quite ready.) It’s kind of an interesting view, remembering my own experiences and watching students today. It’s been so long since I was in a middle school classroom on a regular basis, but some things never change! The desire to be different, just like my friends. The need to put down in order to feel “built up”. The isolation you see evident in some kids eyes right in the middle of a group.
It was also great to see the kindness offered by some students to others. Just scooting over and making room for a special needs student who couldn’t find a place to sit. The huge pile of coats in the lunchroom for the Project Warmth coat drive. The 45 shoeboxes put together by the schools FCA group! A table in the lunchroom of 8th grade girls who are all part of a student led accountability group. Just like in the world of adults there are the bright beacons of Christ’s likeness in the midst of all the other stuff. Even if I leave at the end of the day completely exhausted (which I do!) I still leave more encouraged than dejected! It’s a great feeling to see young adults leading Christ centered and called lives.