So I made it to Johannesburg, South Africa. It was an eventful and boring trip all at the same time. (Long lines to stand in, and lots of sitting.) The conference center we are staying in is beautiful. There are summer flowers blooming everywhere and the temperature is around 70 degrees. The sun is shining and warm though. The flight was 17 hours long. Not much sleeping happened, though I saw a few movies I hadn’t seen yet and finished a good book.
Today we meet with our missionary leaders and set up classrooms for Bible school. The kids come at 4pm for our first classes. I have 7 five and six years olds. I can’t wait to meet them! My prayer request for today is that we are able to really serve these missionaries who work everyday for the cause of Christ in Africa. This is supposed to be a refreshing retreat for them so please pray that they be rejuvenated and joyful.
I write more as I get the chance. Thanks for your prayers and support.