This Christmas season has been a full one. We have had a lot on our plate as a family and it has not always been easy. I have been making lists like crazy and even writing things down I’ve already done just to be able to cross something off my list. Then I lose the list and have to start another one which includes things I missed on the first list but leaves other things off. Then of course I find the first list and lose the second. And then I find myself looking at three separate lists to make sure I have covered everything on all three! did I confuse you? Now you know how I feel. So about the time that I think everything is under control and I start feeling smug about all I have accomplished. I walk downstairs with a suitcase in my hand to have Randy say, oh by the way we are showing the house at 10am tomorrow. At that point after I pick myself up off the floor I have to laugh. It’s all just too funny!
So it’s now time for me to go. I am sitting in front of the computer with bags packed. I still need to finish putting together my carry on bag and my very large”purse” Randy is the best packer ever! With a 50lb limit per bag he managed to get 48lbs in each bag! I have two suitcases full of markers, glue sticks, paper, puzzles, books and every good thing imaginable. All of my friends and family have been absolutely amazing to provide so much stuff to take. On my own I could never have provided all the good things they got for the kids in Africa. Thank You Thank you Thank you to all. You know who you are! I will send more specific thank yous and pictures when I get back.
I know many of you reading this will be checking up on me while I travel. I think I will have a computer available the first four days, but after that I really don’t know. Those will be the days that I am in Soweto and probably the days I will need the most prayer. From what we have been told the area we are heading is not a good one. But people there need so much of what God has to offer.
The hardest part of this putting feet to my faith across an ocean and so far away is knowing that my family is here without me. I want to be safe and come home soon, but I also know that whatever God has called me to do is the best possible result. I want to be willing to do whatever He wants. Not my version of what is good, but His. So with that in mind I am stepping out in faith to walk where He has called me to walk. I am sure it’s going to be hard work at times, but I am equally sure the blessings will far outweigh the hardship. So please pray for God to be glorified in everything that we do this week. That our presence will be a testament to Him. That our mouths will speak as if we speak His very words and that our lives be a reflection of His love. It’s not about me, it never is.