With Em’s birthday right around the corner, and given the fact that every year I think “she’s HOW old?” I am doing my first 10 on Tuesday ever, just for her.

1.      I hope she doesn’t let other people define her

2.      I hope she is brave

3.      I hope she isn’t afraid to lead by a compassionate example

4.      I hope she remembers not to let being prettyrule her life

5.      I hope she never feels the need to impress a guy

6.      I hope she remembers she is never alone, evenwhen she feels like she is

7.      I hope she dreams big

8.      I hope she learns from her mistakes

9.      I hope she trusts God enough to step out infaith when he asks her to

10.  I hope she loves the life God gives her.

11.  (I hope she doesn’t think I’m stupid forever)