Sorry, that was unintentionally a long break from blogging.Crazy how life gets in the way sometimes and days slip quietly (or loudlydepending on your circumstances) by. And just FYI one of these wonderful men inmy life is the 14 year old I mention later. Just sayin.

I’ve been very introspective lately. As some of you know, Iquit selling Real Estate. Totally long and involved story that if you arereally interested in you can email me, or better yet call! Right now I amtrusting God to do what He knows is best in my life. For the most part beinghome is good. I am looking for a job, but one that fits my families scheduleand needs.

So in my introspection I have decided to participate in Lentthis year. This is not something I have ever done before.  To be honest I only noticed it because I’dhear about Fat Tuesday and see my Catholic friends walking around with ashes ontheir foreheads. This year though God pointed it out early, and nudged metowards giving something up to remind me of Christ’s sacrifice. The nail in thecoffin so to speak was when a friend emailed me on Monday and mentioned for thefirst time she was feeling the nudge to participate too. 

I know the goal isn’t to give up something that EQUALS thesacrifice of Christ that just isn’t humanly possible. I have fasted before so Iknow I could give up something sothat when I wanted that thing I could reflect on Jesus sacrifice. But my heartwas drawn to finding something that was more about my relationship with Jesus. So I gave up daytime TV. Now don’t go jumpingto conclusions about what my daytime TV habits were. I’m terrified of what youare thinking so notice I’m scrambling to make sure you understand. I tend toturn the TV on in the morning after I have made lunches for everyone. The buscomes at 6:50 am and it passes the house to turn around at the end of the roadand come back to pick the kids up. When I sit to watch for the bus, I turn themorning news on, and mostly it stays on after that if I am home. Good MorningAmerica, Food Network, HGTV, etc. I like to have the noise on and periodicallyI will hear or see something interesting and sit to watch for a while. Therehave been days since I quit going to an office that I get sucked into whateverhappens to be on and I tune back into my day only after a half an hour or morehas slipped by.

Every so often I have to sit my kids down and reestablishrules and boundaries that have slipped around the house. I did this Sundaynight after having found NINE towelsin a certain 14 year olds room that didn’t make it down to the laundry roomlike they were supposed to. NINE!! Seriously……………………I feel like that is what God is doing for me. He is reestablishing thoseboundaries for our relationship that I have let slide. So I have committed tokeep the TV off during the day. Instead of being unintentionally sucked intothe world, I want to be sucked into His word while time slips by. The result ofthe silence so far seems to emphasize the fact that I was unintentionallydrowning God out.