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So today I was messing around outside when I should have been spending time inside cleaning house or doing laundry or something domestic I’m sure. But it is way too pretty to be inside even if the windows are open, so I wandered around the yard taking pictures.

I’m not really sure how all this works on the page, so forgive me if I repeat myself. The pansies survived all on their own this year. A totally UnKansaslike winter was the only reason. I didn’t even water them!

And here is darling Zoe. I’m surprised my sweet little old lady is still with us. She has a hard time getting around these days so I think she won’t be much longer. She still insists on following me around the yard when I’m out there. Even if I move a few feet she gets up and lays down next to me.

I hope you are enjoying Spring as much as I am! Life is calm and crazy all at the same time. Emma is swimming on the MHS team and Ethan is running track so afternoons are lots of running kids everywhere. Mornings are usually slower and relaxing. I’ve been working at the Beach Art Museum on campus. I LOVE every bit of it. Makes me remember why I went into Art in the first place.