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I am turning into quite the domestic goddess. No, really, stop laughing! I have a clean house (mostly) laundry drying outside on the line, and chickens. Doesn’t that make me a little domestic? I mean come on; I’m even in a couple of carpools. I think that makes me domestic.

The chickens are really uneventful and a little boring. I mean they are cute to watch. We are slightly sadistic and wave our hands under the heat lamp to simulate bird attacks, just to watch them scatter. But I figure its training them to be more aware of their surroundings. They eat and sleep and peck at the bottom of their pen but other than that they are pretty uneventful and anti-climactic.

The excitement they have caused our household is a slightly different story. Heidi, the cat, has expressed some interest in them. Not enough to try to conquer the chicken wire and really take a good look. But once in a while I walk in the kitchen and catch her peeking over the top of the pen and through the chicken wire. She casually saunters away when she sees me. She doesn’t fool me.

The real excitement centers on the chicken house. We originally planned to retro fit a big doghouse we had, that of course the dogs have absolutely no interest in. However once Randy started googling chicken houses, and began the design process that of course was not going to work. I will admit to some “pinning” (if you don’t use pintrest ignore this and whatever you do don’t start. It’s addictive) of interesting looking houses. Randy thinks the ones I like look trashy. I choose to call them quaint, charming and rustic. The ones he likes look nicer than the house we live in. Perhaps I over exaggerate a bit…….. So now our retro fit idea is out the window.

We now have I don’t know how many projects going. We really need to commit to one and finish it. But there always seems to be something that keeps that from happening. Our inside projects for the winter were a pantry re-model and to clean out the basement. We got both started, but then the electric company cut down a slew of trees on a neighbor’s property so both of those projects went on the back burner and Randy borrowed a friend’s log splitter and went wood splitting crazy (We now have more wood than we will use in the next 5 years.) The wood has all been split, but it is in piles all over the back patio because it’s been too wet to haul it all back to the shed. AND the piles Randy and E made before it rained all fell over. Then suddenly winter was over and with it all gorgeous outside I refuse to work in the basement soooo the first weekend of Spring Break we went and got the fence stuff for the garden. We picked up the post hole digger from my brother-in-law’s but it’s been way too wet to try to dig, and………. we can’t get the post hole digger started. Last Saturday it was so pretty out we determined to work outside to finish at least one job, but I got an idea (insert “oh no!!” here) and we ended up tearing down a pointless fence lining one side of the yard and cleaning out from underneath the trees. Good news is we’ve got most of the wood we need for the chicken house. Bad news is I got the worst case of poison ivy I’ve ever had (insert laughter here). So the pantry, the basement, the wood, the garden and the chicken house sit unfinished or un-started.

Please tell me that the same thing happens to you. Lie if you have to.