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 If not blogging when I promise that I will makes me a bad person, then I think I might be in trouble. I had a vision this summer of sitting down and documenting the chickens and the garden at least once a week. Mostly because I was sure there were going to be funny and interesting stories. Sadly there weren’t. The chickens have been fairly uneventful, and after the first deer in the garden and the resulting electrical experiment, the garden has gone quietly. So I have been a complete slacker in the blogging department with the result being that all five of my dedicated readers have missed out on………absolutely nothing.

Here is my little catch up.


I got the garden in a little late this year since I didn’t want to plant without a fence. So our tomatoes have just started to really produce. We have been anxiously waiting for the first BLT’s and I think tonight is the night! We have had lots of zucchini. (If you want some contact me) and a mess of okra when my sister-in-law and her husband were here last weekend. Sooooo good.




 I feel like I have so much going on! But there is so much more I want to get done before the summer is over! Like every summer it seems to be slipping away so quickly.

Em and E went to Mobile Alabama on a mission trip and got home a week ago. They have been having trip withdrawal think. It’s hard to get back into the pattern at home when all you want to do is go back to the camaraderie of working with friends. We will get it all back together then they will go to camp 🙂

We have a small getaway with friends planned in August. Not the big camp trip, which everyone is a little sad about. But that will make it sweeter next year when we get to go back.

My classes start the 20th of August. I’m struggling to decide what to do about a job. Count on what might happen with the ideal situation or go with the less ideal for sure? In my innocence I thought things got easier as we got older. Hmmmm.Image