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Life has been pretty adventurous lately. If you consider doing laundry; hoeing the garden; feeding the chickens; going to a multitude of end of school year events, and making decisions, adventurous. Decision making is always the hard one for me. When my brain is working hard I don’t really have time to do the other stuff. I mean I can DO six things at once, I am a mom after all, multitasking is my middle name, just don’t ask me to do six things and THINK at the same time. So here is a short cover of our last month or so.

A couple of these items are pretty big for us so they will deserve their own post.

• We had a deer incident in the garden, so the electric fence is up. They haven’t been back to visit since, probably since I left them a nice treat of peanut butter on tin foil and attached to the electric fence. Wish we had set up a video camera for that. 

 • Randy is building a gate and arched entry for the garden. It’s fantastic, and built will wood we had around here. No new purchases. By the time we get the whole garden done it will be magazine worthy. I consider this picture a halfway done garden. I have a before picture on a post a couple of months ago.

• Randy and I start Foster Parent classes June 4 as we explore that option and what exactly God has for our family as we reach out to kids in need. I think this is worthy of a whole blog so I will say more about that later!

• I am going back to school. The debate has raged in my head for months (years). I have often said that I’m forty something and I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up but I think I’ve finally figured it out. Randy hopes I’ve finally figured it out! It looks like I will be starting with all the other cute co-eds this fall. (Caleb and I can meet for lunch on campus! HA!)

• Caleb survived his first year of college. He is home working at Game Stop and Dillons and taking Calc 2 over the summer.

• Em is now officially a senior in High School (gulp). She took the state test to be a Certified Nursing Assistant last week. Now she is on to college and scholarship applications and college visits (gulp)

• Ethan “graduated” from 8th grade which seems to be a big deal here. He is officially IN High School and getting his drivers permit.

• WE HAVE INTERNET AT HOME! So this entire post was done from the comforts of my own desk 